White's Party Store is a classic Marquette neighborhood store specializing in quality wines, beers, liquors, and brewing and wine-making supplies.

News & Updates

Hiawatha Beer!

Blackrocks BreweryIMG_2941 Hiawatha beer finally made it to shelves!

2015 U.P. Fall Beer Festival

Get your Michigan Brewers Guild U.P. Fall Festival tickets online today! Any printed tickets that come to the U.P. will likely be a couple of weeks out at the earliest. Don’t dilly dally, get that piece of mind purchased!
http://www.mibeer.com/up-fall-festivalMichigan Brewers Guild U.P. Fall Beer Festival in Marquette, Michigan.

Tandem Cider!

We are happy to be carrying Tandem Ciders081711-166337-TandemSmackintoshCiderSm! Their cider is fantastic. Plus, their place is about the cutest thing you ever did see.

Two James Grass Widow Bourbon Whiskey

Two James20130822_GrassWidow_Label Grass Widow has graced our store after some blood, sweat, and…stuff. You want some good Detroit bourbon whiskey? This is it right here.